Ricki Selva
Ricki Selva

Quilt Design and Instruction

Welcome to my "virtual studio"

From this page you may navigate to the "Quilt Gallery" to see some of my work.  

While my work is not for sale, my techniques are available in the form of workshops, lectures and demonstrations.  I will be on sabatical through 2020.

If you are arranging programs for your quilt guild, please take a look at "Workshops" and "Lectures."  I enjoy teaching what I love and sharing with other quilters. 

When I'm not quilting, painting or knitting, I am a globetrotting photographer.  My travels have had a powerful influence on my art.  

I like to teach "process" classes, because in the typical half-day format it’s difficult to complete a block, let alone an entire quilt...But I recognize that most quilters are busy people who want tangible results.  My compromise is to offer experiences that result in quilt blocks or small projects, but the big “take-home” should be a change in the way the quilter thinks.


A fourth-generation quilter, Ricki was raised on a west St. Louis County farm and left home (with her grandmother’s Featherweight) to attend the US Air Force Academy.  When she left the Air Force in 1989, she took up quilting and five years later she began instructing and coaching other quilters.  Her quilts have hung in the Virginia Quilt Museum, as well as quilt shows and other venues around the nation and been featured in books, including Donna Desoto's latest book "Inspired by the National Parks."


E-mail: Ricki@RickiSelva.com

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