Ricki Selva
Ricki Selva

Terms for Programs

At present, I am on sabatical, gathering inspiration,  and unable to commit to any teaching engagements.




Full Day (5-6 hours) Workshops:   TBD

Half Day (3 hours) Workshops:   TBD

Lectures, Trunkshows or Demos (1 hour):   TBD






Travel expenses...You can fly me in, or let me drive, I will bring more cool stuff if I drive.


Flying is the actual airfare, plus taxi or parking fees on my end and excess luggage fees for two large and heavy checked bags.  Also you are responsible for my ground transportation at your end.


If I drive, you can estimate travel expenses at a rate of 60 cents per mile plus all tolls and $120 per day for lodging and food enroute.  Plan on me driving no more than 500 miles a day.  We can calculate actual per diem for your town and get it into the contract.


I prefer to lodge in hotels or motels...They don't have to be fancy.  I just need time alone to recharge....Really...I will do a much better job if I have that quiet time.


You will provide all meals during my visit, luckily I will eat anything except beets and lamb.

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