Ricki Selva
Ricki Selva

Engaging Experiences

Dangerous Curves

This is a workshop in two parts. In the first part, master the skill of sewing a curved seam on the sewing machine to yield a flat block with a smooth, graceful appearance by working with the classic Drunkard’s Path block.  In the second half of our workshop, we will enter the dangerous world of piecing without templates. A dynamic class of improvisational creativity.  Full Day...Limit 20

Split Diamond Star

A sparkling one-patch quilt with a three-dimensional illusion.  Master set-in seams (also know as “Y-Seams”) by machine, while you experiment with design and color and realize the awesome power of value.  Half day...Limit 20

Altered Cloth

This is sort of a wacky class...It requires wide open minds and playful spirits. A smorgasboard of techniques inspired by collage art and scrapbooking...Includes photo transfer, and a variety of embellishment techniques safe and suitable for wall quilts.  Half or full day.


NEW:  Painting, Inking and Dyeing

An opportunity to try a wide assortment of different media in a controlled fashion...OK....somewhat controlled...It's a lot of fun...trust me...

"Little Yellow Kayaks"

Paper Piecing

I will share one of the best tools in my toolbox.  Paper piecing makes so many difficult designs possible.  Half day with a big trunk show.

Painting with Patches

In this class, quilters produce beautiful watercolor blocks for a quilt, but more importantly they develop an understanding of the role of value and texture play in all quilts. Half day possible, full day even better.

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